Vendor, near Mtito Andei, Kenya
Vendor, near Mtito Andei, Kenya

Saturday Portrait: Street Vendor, near Mtito Andei, Kenya

Street Vendor, Mtito Andei, Kenya

Today’s portrait was snapped at a roadside restaurant near the dusty crossroads town of Mtito Andei, Kenya. One-stop shopping for caps, belts and bull whips.

The town lies on the Mombasa-Nairobi road, about 235 kilometers (145mi) southeast of the capital Nairobi. I remember it being rather nondescript and small –citing a 2010 population of under 5,000, Wikipedia agrees— but full of animated people like this man. I liked the black bull whip but bought a belt instead.

You’ll find a write-up of my Spring 2007 Mombasa to Nairobi bus journey here, although the information hasn’t been updated for at least two or three years.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 736th straight, was snapped in Mtito Andei, Kenya, on 30 March 2007.


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