Bird seed vendor Istanbul
Bird seed vendor Istanbul

60 seconds with the Bird Seed Sellers of Istanbul, Revisited

Today’s Daily Travel Pic –along with its corresponding video– was snapped at Eminonu Square in front of the Yeni, or New Mosque, on the Golden Horn near the landmark Galata Bridge in Istanbul. It’s a typical scene in the area where several vendors sit at their small stalls selling bird seed to passers-by. I forgot to ask how much a plateful costs. Does anyone know?

This accompanying video was uploaded four years ago today for Vimeo’s 1 Minute Project, one I always enjoyed as an honest attempt at trying to capture a real moment in the life, a glimmer of beauty in the mundane of the every day, or to simply acknowledge moments that otherwise pass us by. While standing and shooting this pair in the video I wondered if the women learned patience from the birds, or vice versa.

The project’s rules are simple: the video must be exactly one minute long (here, the clip itself is, remain unedited, have no camera movement (ie panning, tilting, etc.) and can only include original sound.

As someone who considers himself a documentarian, I was drawn to this primarily for its honesty. There’s no careful or –or worse, deliberate– editing involved. And I’ll happily admit that the simple post-processing is attractive, too.

I brought this back to life today for three reasons:

  • first, because I rediscovered it this afternoon when looking through old videos on my Vimeo page, one which has laid largely ignored, gathering dust for some time;
  • second because the original blog post featuring this bit of video didn’t make it to the proverbial other side when I moved my site a couple years ago;
  • and third to note to readers that I’ll be producing and posting more of these 60sec clips both here and on a new Vimeo channel entitled ‘One Minute Documents‘ as the site’s re-branding continues. (Yeah, I know, I hate the term re-branding, too).





And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 807th straight, was taken in Istanbul, Turkey, on 13 March 2012. (The video was taken the next day.)

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60 Seconds With the Bird Seed Sellers of Istanbul
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