Quito’s Good Friday Procession – 66 Images

A boy wearing a purple headdress and veil carries a cross during the Good Friday Procession in Quito, Ecuador.

This was taken a year ago during the Good Friday procession in Quito, Ecuador, one of the largest Holy Week celebrations in Latin America. According to official figures, some 250,000 people line the streets of the Ecuadorean capital to watch the four-hour long parade in which several thousand participate.

In a longish post and photo gallery published from Quito last year, I wrote by way of introduction:

There really are no limits to the ways one can illustrate devotion to one’s faith.

At yesterday’s annual Good Friday Procession in Quito, that devotion took on a multitude of forms I’ve never witnessed: dozens carried or pulled heavy crosses, others marched with shackles wrapped around their bruised ankles, and still others, bleeding from the barbed wire they wrapped themselves in, self-flagellated with ropes and sticks as prayers and hymns hummed through scratchy speakers that lined the procession route through the Ecuadorean capital’s historical city center.

It was a profession of faith for the several thousand who walked, many of them barefoot, and day-off entertainment for some 250,000 others, according to organizers’ estimates, who lined the streets to watch.

Much of it was pageantry and theater, but there was some real blood spilled too, and pulpy welts from on the backs of self-flagellating penitents.

I was most struck by the range in age of those participating, from young pre-teens to those well into their eighties and quite likely nineties. As you’ll see in this slideshow composed of 66 images from the procession, many of the younger participants don’t really look like they want to be there carrying the crosses that aren’t really theirs to bear. Or maybe they’re just taking on their roles exceptionally well.

If you’ve got a few minutes and are intrigued by how pilgrims in various parts of the world celebrate this holy Christian holiday, check it out.

The soundtrack?

Fuath by Fields of Ohio from the album “Without Love We Are Dangerous”.


And again, the original post is here.


By the way, Ive added some images to yesterday’s post, Good Friday Procession: Potosi, Bolivia, taken in the Andean highlands town in 2013. If you have any posts of images from similar celebrations around the world, feel free to drop a link in the comments. I would love to see them.


And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 812th straight, was taken in Quito, Ecuador, on 03 April 2015.

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  1. paula graham says

    I saw the ‘Passion’ last night…so moving and so relevant, even today when there is so much pain and horror around, the papers seem to have lost interest even in the millions who have lost everything. Sad times. Moving, poignant photos.

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