Plaza Pedro de Anzares, Sucre, Bolivia – Seven Sunset Shots and a Traveler’s Notebook

Recoleta Convent and Church Sucre Bolivia

The Plaza Pedro de Anzares in Sucre is primarily known for two things: as the home of the early 16th century Franciscan La Recoleta Monastery, and a location from which to enjoy sweeping views of Bolivia’s constitutional capital.

In the latter, it fulfilled its role exceptionally well on the late afternoon I visited, treating me to a dizzying flurry of color that spanned all shades of orange, gold, blue, pink and red, depending upon which direction I faced. In the shot below, some people gathered to kick a soccer ball around blended nicely into the scene.

Dusk at Plaza Pedro de Anzares - Sucre, Bolivia
Dusk at Plaza Pedro de Anzares – Sucre, Bolivia

Located about a 20 minute walk uphill southeast from the central Plaza 25 de Mayo, the square is named for Pedro Anzures, one of Pizarro’s conquistadors who founded Sucre in November of 1538 during the second major Spanish push into the Andes south of Lake Titicaca. There was silver nearby, spurring the city’s initial name: Ciudad de la Plata de La Nuevo Toledo.

To the west the plaza is bordered by an attractive colonnade which provides great views of Sucre’s historical center, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. It’s a popular hangout, with a pleasant cafe, nice gardens and some market stalls where local indigenous vendors sell clothes, art works and trinkets.

There’s a also an important museum in the Convento-Museo La Recoleta pictured above, featuring a large selection of colonial religious art and displays documenting Franciscan missionary efforts to convert the locals. The convent was also where Pedro Blanco, the fifth president of Bolivia, was assassinated during a coup after just a week in power.

Visits to the convent are by guided tour only so it’s best to come early; I arrived late and missed out. At least I saw a nice palette dancing across the sky.

Oh – don’t forget to hug Cedro Millenario, the 1500-year-old cedar that stands besides the monastery.

A few more images below.

Sunset at Plaza Pedro de Anzares - Sucre, Bolivia
Sunset at Plaza Pedro de Anzares – Sucre, Bolivia


Recoleta Convent and Church - Sucre, Bolivia
Recoleta Convent and Church – Sucre, Bolivia


Recoleta Church - Sucre, Bolivia
Recoleta Church – Sucre, Bolivia


Sunset over Sucre, Bolivia
Sunset over Sucre, Bolivia


Sunset, Sucre, Bolivia
Sunset, Sucre, Bolivia


And for the record: the lead image, which serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 813th straight, was taken in Sucre, Bolivia, on 14 April 2013.

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