Chainsaws and Daysleepers – Near The Intersection of Street Photography And Urban Art III

Homeless man sleeping under a mural in Bogota
Homeless man sleeping under a mural in Bogota

There was no shortage of daysleepers in the central areas of Bogota.

The freedom, or ability, to plop down and sprawl out in large pockets of the city seemed perfectly acceptable. There were no authorities rousing people from their afternoon slumbers. No second glances by passers-by. Instead, these people, who I presume to be homeless, were simply part of the greater urban landscape. Quiet background noise. Which is what drew me to this scene.

The mural tells a story of lost jungles and forests, clear cut by the savage forces of short-term gain, forces that invariably displace people in the countryside and push them into cities, oftentimes leaving them in the streets. Broken. Or at the very least exhausted. Here the chainsaw is the story’s beginning and the sleeping man its end.

Standing on its own I don’t think the image fully succeeds in telling that story. The scene isn’t ideally framed in either photo which is why I’m including both here, to fill out the context for the story I was hoping to tell.

Homeless man sleeping under a mural on a Bogota street


And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 817th straight, was taken on Carrera 8 between Calles 18 and 19 in Bogota, Colombia, on 25 July 2015.

Interestingly, I just noticed as I continue processing images from my three-month stay in Colombia last summer –mostly Bogota– that that particular day was a pretty good one for me photographically, with more shots that I’m pleased with to come. In case you missed them, here are a few more that I previously published from my photo walk that day:

Intersection of Calle 25 and Carrera 13, Bogota
Intersection of Calle 25 and Carrera 13, Bogota from ‘I don’t want to be here anymore’: Cab Driver Monologues


Carrera 8, Bogota
Daysleepers and Stinkfish, Carrera 8, Bogota from Daysleepers, Bogota


Stinkfish mural, Carrera 8 Bogota
Stinkfish mural, Carrera 8 Bogota from Near the Intersection of Street Photography and Urban Art


flyposting in Bogota
Flyposting, Bogota from Flyposting, Bogota


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    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed that piece. I saw it mentioned somewhere that it’s now gone. I hope not. It really livened up that block.

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