“There are some strange people.”

That’s one of the focal points of this image, cleverly entitled “Still Life at Cherry’s Cafe, Potosi”.

The warning was handed to me by the cordial but concerned server who glanced at my camera as I set it on the table. She pointed to it again when she delivered my coffee. I was the only customer in the quaint and quiet bakery-cafe and only two others walked in while I waited for my beverage, a young mother and the newborn she was carrying.

The strangest person in the place was me.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 823rd (!!) straight, was taken in Potosi, Bolivia, on 31 Mar 2013.


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  1. Manja Mexi Movie says

    🙂 Sweet. I had the same feeling when I was walking around Vienna at night. Most dangerous Balkans girl in an oversized busdriver’s jacket. Locals crossed the street as to avoid passing me.

    Also “be care” when you post your hand-writing on the net, some would say, or some strange people will have you analysed. 😉

  2. ladieswholunchreviews says

    That’s cute. And such a nice way of referring to thieves and/or pickpockets. I’m sure you’re not that strange!

    1. Bob R says

      I’ve been call worse. 🙂 But yes, the note put a big smile on my face.

      1. ladieswholunchreviews says


  3. Famous Five says

    I particularly enjoy the pretty butterfly/flower swirl encasing the gentle description of thieves…! At least she is ‘care’ 😉

    1. Bob R says

      I thought the same thing. They really did go the extra mile for this note, didn’t they.

  4. paula graham says

    Ha, ha…lovely.

  5. jacquelineobyikocha says

    Ha, ha! How considerate and sweet of her ?

  6. bisimodupe1975 says

    Funny…and lovely pictures you have here.

  7. 2traveldads says

    That’s an ingenious way to communicate and warn customers when you may not have great language skills. Really smart.

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