Pachamama, The Earth Mother, in Bariloche

I can’t ever say no to a thoughtful representation of Mother Earth.

This massive work rests just outside the artisan market near the center of the Bariloche, Argentina, the popular outdoor destination that forms the northern border of Patagonia. Below is another, about four blocks from the Centro Civico, not far from the southern shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake which gives much of the area its European Alpine feel.

Pachamama mural, Bariloche

Pachamama is the goddess revered as Mother Earth, or World Mother, by the indigenous of the Andes. She was believed to preside over planting and harvesting in the Inca world, the mother to Inti, the sun god, and Killa, the moon goddess. These days she’s more a marketing term appropriated by New Age retreats, restaurants and clubs.

For the Bariloche street art-curious, here’s a gallery of 39 images I posted a couple years back. The work varies from the playful and downright silly to hard-edged political polemics. Check ’em out.


And for the record, the lead photo, which serves as the site’s 834th straight Pic du Jour, was snapped on 10 March 2013.


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  1. paula graham says

    More marvellous street art.

    1. Bob R says

      Really tends to add lots of color to my world. 🙂

  2. Awsome!

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