Men's lead pack 2016 istanbul Half 7
From left: Emmanuel Bor, Ali Kaya, Leonard Langat, Titus Kipjumba Mbishei, Leonard Komon, Zersenay Tadese, Kenneth Kipkemoi Kiprop

2016 Istanbul Half Marathon

This is the men’s lead pack at Sunday’s Istanbul Half Marathon, about 40 minutes into the race. Ali Kaya from Turkey, second from left, went on to win in 1:00:16, a new national record and European Under-23 record.

The race featured two world record holders: Zersenay Tadese, second from right, the world record holder over the half marathon distance, and Leonard Komon, third from right, the world record holder in the 10km and 15km. They wound up finishing second and fourth respectively.

I covered the event for the local organizers, assisting with press releases and promotion. For the Istanbul Half Marathon-curious, I posted a brief summary and 41 images on my other site,, here.

These gentlemen? From left: Emmanuel Bor, Kaya, Leonard Langat, Titus Kipjumba Mbishei, Komon, Tadese, and Kenneth Kipkemoi Kiprop, all Kenyan besides Tadese, who is from Eritrea.


And for the record, Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 845th (!) straight, was snapped in Istanbul, Turkey, on 24 April 2016.



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