How Many US Airport Bookshops Stock Titles by Noam Chomsky?

Any guesses?

Mine is ‘not many’.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 849th straight, was snapped on 25 April 2016 at Istanbul Ataturk  Airport, Istanbul, Turkey, where I spent nearly eight hours in transit today.

I’ve been through this airport quite a bit over the past few years and remain perplexed as to why they don’t even offer a way for non-residents to purchase wifi time. Outside of Starbucks and a couple restaurants that offer it gratis, you’re out of luck.

The upside? More time for reading a book.


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  1. gardeninacity says

    Mine is precisely none.

    1. Bob R says

      You’re probably closer than I am. I doubt that it’s a double digit figure.

  2. barrydjd says

    As we connect the CIA and NSA are hunting down the last copies to remove them 🙂

  3. jacquelineobyikocha says

    Possibly none

  4. GeorgieMoon says

    Ah! Noam Chomsky! Brings back memories of my psychology degree when I studied language acquisition. Chomsky had lots to say about that, but I don’t think I would want to read any more of his books. I’ll be at London Gatwick airport in a couple of weeks, so I’ll look in the bookshop and let you know if I find any….

    1. Bob R says

      Please do. My guess is that his work will figure about as prominently in Gatwick as it does at US airports.

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