Mannequin Monday #100

Mannequin near Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal, April 2016
Near Istanbul Sirkeci Terminal, April 2016

This week’s addition to the planet’s largest repository of blighted mannequins is about as fitting as one could be for a project that’s lasted 99 weeks longer than I or anyone expected it to: battered and bruised but valiantly trudging onward.

It began innocently enough with a simple post featuring an image of a mannequin so comically mangled that it seemed inconceivable that it was still being used to help sell something. I came across dozens of these while traveling up the spine of South America three years ago, all begging to be photographed. Most were better illustrations and examples of plastic cast survivors of natural disasters and tumorous plagues than objects of commerce.

That collection of blight steadily continued and now includes images from 18 countries published here over the past 101 weeks; during that time I only took one Monday off. However, I’ve just about depleted my image stock of mannequin trashed enough to be considered for inclusion in the self-proclaimed (but obviously true) ‘Planet’s Largest Repository’ which means that the project may experience the occasional pause. I will of course remain forever vigilant to make sure those pauses are as brief and painless as possible. You’re welcome. 🙂

And since I knew you were about to ask, here’s a brief look back at a handful of Mannequin Monday Legends, or MMLs. Enjoy!

Blind mannequin in Potosi Bolivia

Taped mannequin, Quito

Vacant mannequin, La Paz

Mannequin with sunglasses, Puerto Lopez, Ecuador


Mannequin, Popayan, Colombia
Mannequin leper? Popayan, Colombia


Double mannequin, La Paz Bolivia

Bald mannequin in Quito

Pair of bruised mannequins in Potosi, Bolivia

Mannequin Monday #41

Tongue wagging mannequin Cusco Peru

Mannequin with no clothes Syros Greece



New to this weekly series?

Then I strongly encourage you to invest just a few minutes and catch up here. And here, too, with a special video presentation (rounded out by a killer soundtrack!) I put together to celebrate the Mannequin Monday project’s first year — an entirely unexpected one year anniversary. It’ll all conspire to make your Monday just a little bit better than it already is and to serve as a blunt reminder that your week will only get better from here. Again, you’re very welcome. And don’t forget to tell your friends.

By the way, this image, snapped in Istanbul, Turkey, on 25 April 2016 also serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 857th (!!) straight. When you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you can check out some of those here. Enjoy!




  1. Great collection Bob. I found some of the pictures funny…something to smile about. Thanks for all the hard work you do to share them. And happy one year anniversary!!!

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