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Slovenia Wine Notes – RTV SLO on Movia’s Aleš Kristančič, “Winemaker on first name basis with kings”

Another feature on Slovenia’s best known winemaker, Aleš Kristančič from the Movia Estate in western Slovenia’s Goriška Brda district, this time in Radio/TV Slovenia’s English language service.

Full disclosure #1: my family had a small wine importing business when I was living in the US and we were Movia’s first US importer. While our relationship was relatively brief, I am extremely proud of the fact that we managed to make at least some inroads into the wine market and consciousness in the US market. Movia’s first mention in Wine & Spirits magazine, in winter of 1996, came on our watch.

Kaja Sajovic writes:

Some years ago I was sitting in the only restaurant on an island of the remote Newfoundland. While browsing through an issue of the Food & Wine magazine from a selection of magazines left on the table, the magazine opened on the page with the picture of Aleš Kristančič walking almost ostentatiously on the canopy of his villa in Cegle, armed with two Magnums.

The title of the article was “Wine genius from Slovenia”. Nobody from the isle of Fogo had heard about Slovenia, but they read the article on the Eastern-European eccentric of Roman temperament. But he hasn’t appeared in the reference American publication by chance; the reason were two attention-grabbing placings among the 100 best wine cellars in the world, selected by the Wine & Spirits magazines, and among the 12 “most influential wine creators of the world ” selected by the reputable wine critics and oenologists, led by the renowned Jancis Robinson. Yet the journalist Ray Isle was more impressed by Aleš’s character, his conduct, and last but not least his wine, and not so much by the awards.

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Full disclosure #2: I no longer have any commercial involvement in the wine trade.


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