Camel for rent, near Khor Al Adaid inland sea, southern Qatar

A Camel at Sunrise

No, this isn’t about my longing for my former days as a smoker.

It’s simply a picture of a camel, with its face partially covered, taken about an hour after sunrise in the desert of southern Qatar near the Khor al Adaid Inland Sea.

It’s an image I recently added to my stock image portfolio at Picfair, a newish agency I recently began working with after the behemoth Getty’s purchase of Demotix and Corbis –and subsequent burial of hundreds of my images there– left a big hole in my stock options.

Stock has never been a large income source, but I was able to count on three or four sales a month through those two, primarily for editorial use. That’s largely the licensing that Picfair makes available, a one-size fits all one-time use agreement that only bars advertising and merchandising usage.

The best thing about Picfair is that the photographers set the price; Picfair just adds a 20 percent handling fee on top of that. That certainly beats the pennies and nickels that most of the current larger crop of stock agencies can put in your pocket.

I have no idea what to expect, if anything, but they certainly seem to be worth a try. The company’s selection is small but growing, with plenty of high quality work to be found. I’ll keep adding to the portfolio despite my only fear: that one day they’ll succumb to an offer from Getty, rendering all the images invisible once again.


For the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 873rd straight, was taken near the Khor al Adaid, or Inland Sea, in southern Qatar, on 20 February 2016.


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