Rainbow, Studenterlunden Park, Oslo

In Studenterlunden Park, a sprawling green space in the center of the Norwegian capital.

The kids were so mesmerized they didn’t move for hours.

OK, it’s not a rainbow. But that sounds better than reflection, refraction and dispersion of light from water droplets emanating from a fountain in a park, right?

For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 888th(!) straight, was taken in Oslo, Norway, on 08-Jun-2016.



  1. I love how unashamed Scandinavians are about the human body — or at least the ones still in their home country. Not sure how the statue would be accepted in Minnesota.

    1. Had a conversation along the same lines at a reception in Oslo’s City Hall a few hours before taking this photo. A large mural of a nude family picnicking by a lake took up an entire wall. I asked a colleague from the states to count how many city halls in the US would have a similar mural.

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