Food Court, Sapa Central Market

Two daily pics today, from a lunch break at the central market in Sapa, the gateway to northern Vietnam’s highland regions. I forgot what I ate, but I know it was delicious.

Before taking this shot, I was most attracted to the contrast between the bright white countertop and the aged and weathered darker wooden and tiled drawers and cabinets directly in front of the seated woman, visually appealing opposites.

If you’re interested in seeing more of a market that was home to some of the most amazing aromas I’ve ever sniffed –along with a few of the most putrid– check out this brief post from late 2010. And for an account of another meal from Sapa, try this: Five Ways to Find Authenticity on the Road. You’ll be glad you did.

Food court Sapa central Market Vietnam

Great weekend and bon appetit to all!

Sapa, Vietnam, 21 October 2010.





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