A Snail and its Bouquet

I just returned from a few days in and around the Soča River Valley in Slovenia’s far western reaches, one of the most beautiful areas of the country, where, among other things, I hunted for the area’s early July wildflowers. You may know of the Soča by its Italian name, the Isonzo, which in turn lent its name to a dozen especially brutal battles during World War I which took the lives of more than 300,000 troops from both the Austria-Hungary and Italian sides. A different kind of hunting.

One trail we hiked today followed the river along its eastern side; to take a break from looking down at the river’s spectacular emerald green hues, I looked up hill for bit, where I spotted this snail hanging out with a fresh bouquet of what I believe are Aster Bellidiastrum, or false asters, which here in Slovenia are known as Marjetičasta nebina.

The full image is below; a fuller wildflower field guide notebook to follow next week. Enjoy.

Aster Bellidiastrum, or false asters, or Marjeticasta nebina


For the record: Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 917th straight, was snapped along the Soča River near Kobarid, Slovenia, on 08 July 2016.




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