Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz

Here’s a beautiful century-old town house southeast of Bydgoszcz, Poland’s city center, that captured my attention for several minutes. The street’s Polish spelling: Świętej Trójcy, which means Holy Trinity.

I was attracted to its art nouveau details: the women’s heads; the telemons, the figures shouldering the portions of the building; the masks, chimeras and grotesques; the contrast between the bright red flowers and the cracking facade; the children sitting on the stoop playing with their gadgets.

Its history?

What little I managed to find: built in 1904, it was designed by German architect Ernst Peters, according to Europeana, “for the Polish master builder Ciechanowski.” A photo of what it looked like in 1909 is here.

And for the art nouveau in Poland-curious, a few more links:


Telemon Bydgoszcz Poland
Telemon at Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz


Art nouveau details Bydgoszcz
A happy art nouveau family at Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz, Poland


Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz
Under watchful eyes


Art nouveau details Bydgoszcz 5
Art Nouveau relief, Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz


Art nouveau details Bydgoszcz 3

Art nouveau details Bydgoszcz 4

Telemon Bydgoszcz
Telemon and a lady friend, Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz


Bydgoszcz, Poland, 18 July 2016









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