Monuments, Olympic Stadium, Berlin

Rossefuhrer, Josef Wackerle, Berlin Olympic Stadium

No, this isn’t a self-portrait with my horse.

Just an over-the-top sculpture created for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games.

Snapped at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, this is a hind-end’s view of Rosseführer by noted sculptor Josef Wackerle, facing the staging grounds the 1936 Summer Games. The area is now known as Olympic Park.

Berlin, 11 September 2011



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  1. paula graham says

    It is somebody else’s selfie.

  2. Mick Canning says

    My immediate thought is that it is remarkable that this sculpture survived the pounding that Berlin got at the end of WWII – not much did!

    1. Bob R says

      Given its history and strong association with Hitler and Nazism, there’s an eerie feel to the entire area around the stadium. Even though it was largely refurbished about a decade ago, history still lingers in the air.

      1. Mick Canning says

        Thanks, Bob. I’ve not been there, but I imagine it would feel a little creepy; I’d be wondering what year I’d slipped back to.

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