Bike lane in the Rain, Ljubljana
Bike lane in the Rain, Ljubljana

Bicycling in the Rain, Ljubljana

It’s fairly common in the Slovenian capital to see bicyclists pedaling through rain, light and heavy, with one hand on a handlebar and the other holding an umbrella.  I’ve tried it a couple times. I don’t recommend using the cheapest throwaway umbrella you own. You’ll throw them away even sooner than usual.

I dug this one out for today’s WordPress Photo Challenge whose theme this week is H2O. It was from a trio of shots snapped during a rainstorm here in Ljubljana about four years ago. The melding of –and relationship between– red and black forms one of my favorite color combinations, be it in photo compositions, clothing, political symbols or food. Here it caught my attention immediately and I had no problem waiting for someone to bike on by. That they were so good about staying on the lane was a big added bonus.

Want a print? It’s here. Looks pretty good as a tote bag, too.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,008th straight, was snapped in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 21 May 2012.




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