Trump’s Rise: ‘A product of democracy already in crisis.’

That’s how Guardian reporter Gary Younge describes the foundation of the rise of right wing populism in the west. Here he focused on Donald Trump, ten months before the real estate developer closed a deal on adding four more seasons –at least– to his reality TV show by becoming US President-elect.

So much to process today. And tomorrow. Brief and concise, this helps.

“Most western nations have their own Trump,” Younge begins, “a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic demagogue, appealing to a mix of nationalist nostalgia, patriotic myth, class grievance and economic insecurity.

“Liberal commentators describe them as a threat to democracy. But it would be more accurate to understand them as the product of democracy already in crisis.”

Thanks to neoliberal globalization,” Younge continues, “that system which allows capital to roam the world in search of labor that is cheap and regulations that are weak, multinational companies and big businesses have far more power than national governments. So when people lose their jobs or homes or see their wages stagnate they look for someone to blame.”

Trump’s rise, and the Brexit vote a few months ago, are both, as comical as they appear on the surface, textbook examples.

Watch the rest. The original post on the The Guardian site is here.



Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,042nd straight, was snapped in Bogota, Colombia, on 6 August 2015. It’s a stencil piece by street artist DJ Lu, whose work I’ll be focusing on a bit more closely here sometime next week. It’s a spotlight that is long overdue.




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