Still Life With Bob Dylan, Donald and Melania Trump

Still Life With Bob Dylan, Donald and Melania Trump - Ljubljana

Be honest: you weren’t expecting to see an image featuring that trio today, did you?

I welcome and encourage any and all creative, poignant and yes, even amusing, captions. I don’t care about your politics but just keep it clean, smart and to paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, “Damnit, you’ve got to be kind”.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 13 November 2016.



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  1. Bill Jones, Jr. says

    The under-qualified.

    1. Bob R says

      Nice. A capital U for one of them.

  2. pinklightsabre says

    It’s alright ma, I’m only tweeting.

    1. Bob R says

      Marginally related: does Dylan tweet?

      1. pinklightsabre says

        I’d be disappointed if he did, for some reason. I think his liner notes were as close as he came to that.

  3. C. J. Hartwell says

    Another Vonnegut quote seems fitting: “All this happened, more or less.”

    1. Bob R says

      KV did predict similar scenarios –the Trump one– several times, didn’t he.

  4. Mick Canning says

    Pity Trump can’t do the same as Dylan, and refuse to acknowledge what he has been awarded.

    1. Bob R says

      Thought exactly the same thing. And over the next few weeks, when he realizes what he’s gotten himself into, he still might. (I know, I won’t hold my breath.)

      1. Mick Canning says

        It’s not beyond the realms of possibility; He’s probably bitten off more than he can chew. But I don’t suppose there’s any precedent of a president-elect changing his mind?

  5. lcbennettstern says

    Dylan, about Trump: “Yes, and how many years must one man have
    Before he can hear people cry?”

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