Window Seats: Slovenia’s Mt. Triglav

Triglav from the air, November 2016
Triglav from the air, November 2016

This is a view of Mt. Triglav and its immediate range in the Julian Alps of western Slovenia taken just after sunset this morning, a few minutes after take off from Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik International Airport. At 2,864m (9,396 ft), it’s Slovenia’s highest peak.

This was only ten minutes or so into my flight to Munich this morning. I’m glad the pilot chose a route that brought us this close. The view was worth getting up at 04:30 for.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,062 straight, was snapped on 30 November 2016.





  1. 😮 Truly impressive. I’d never guess planes fly just over Triglav. Also, well done for spotting it, recognizing it and shooting it all in the space of a few minutes, I presume. Did you recognize it by sight or because it was the tallest or you had some electronic equipment?

    1. No, just luck. 🙂 I thought it might be Triglav but mostly I just liked the light. It was later confirmed as Triglav on a SLO mountaineering Facebook group where the members also identified every other peak in the picture, too. FB is good for some things. 😉 This was snapped with my phone; next time I’ll try to remember to have my camera readily available. It would have been a much better photoe.

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