Anti-corruption suggestion box, Fort Jesus, Mombasa, 2007
Anti-corruption suggestion box, Fort Jesus, Mombasa, 2007

Anti-Corruption Suggestion Box

Yes, that is a thing.

More specifically, part of Kenya’s national anti-corruption campaign circa 2007. How well do you think it worked? (And do you think there were the replacement plan for the US congressional Office of Congressional Ethics that the new Republican congress was hoping to eliminate after a secret vote on Monday?)

I dug this image out earlier tonight when searching for stock images of Fort Jesus, a late 16th century fortification on the Indian Ocean coast near Mombasa. I visited the sprawling facility in March 2007 and was most impressed by its late Renaissance Euro-Afro-Asian version of death row, little more than low and narrow tunnel.

Soon after the British took over in the latter part of the 19th century, it was turned into a prison. If you ever make it here, be sure to visit the waiting room for those sentenced to hang. After several days in total darkness in a hole hollowed out from the coral foundation, death probably didn’t seem like such a bad option.


For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,097th straight, was snapped on 28 March 2007 in Mombasa, Kenya.





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