An Eighty-Minute Stroll Through Ljubljana’s First Snow of 2017

Had things gone to plan, at this moment I was to be back above the clouds at the San Pellegrino Ski Area, in the heart of northeastern Italy’s Dolomites, either preparing for, recuperating from, or being life-flighted off the mountain and back to the bar at the Il Dollaro Hotel after giving its new La Volata piste a shot, a 2,350m long run with a 640m vertical drop down gradients that push 50 degrees.

None of that came to pass thanks to yesterday’s unlikely combination of a truck fire on the southbound highway and Ljubljana’s first snow storm of the winter. It’s not that we didn’t try — covering 22 kilometers in just over three hours didn’t force us to turn back; spinning tires on an ice patch in bumper-to-bumper traffic another half hour later finally did.

Which made time for today’s late morning stroll around Ljubljana’s immediate city center through the aftermath of the first snow. As you’ll see it’s very overcast but even more white. And much more relaxing than sitting in traffic on a snowy motorway.



Book store along the Ljubljanica River in winter
Book store and publisher, along the Ljubljanica River
Locals walking through the snow along the Ljubljanica River
Ljubljana old town: along the west bank of the Ljubljanica River
Congress Square Ljubljana in winter
Congress Square, Ljubljana
Ljubljana covered in snow
Ljubljana facing southwest from castle hill
St Jacob Church Ljubljana in winter
A steeple that had one simple job. Steeple, St. Jacob’s Church.
Krizevniska street Ljubljana in winter
Krizevniska street
Krizevniska street Ljubljana winter
Still on Krizevniska street
Ljubljana castle in the snow
Smoking under a castle tower.
Ljubljana castle funicular in the snow
Going down. Ljubljana castle funicular
Snowy walkway on castle hill Ljubljana
Going down II. On a south slope of castle hill.
Ljubljana Castle Hill trail in winter
A trail up castle hill just beyond my flat.
Tree covered in snow on castle hill Ljubljana
Snowy! Castle hill, Ljubljana
Snowy castle hill Ljubljana
Snowy trail on castle hill.
Snowy trail on castle hill Ljubljana
Trail on castle hill.
Reber street Ljubljana snow covered
Reber street, castle hill.
Street in Ljubljana Old Town center in winter
Bottom of Reber Street, Ljubljana old town.
Napoleon monument in Ljubljana French Revolution Square
Napoleon monument, French Revolution Square, Ljubljana
Ljubljana central market in the snow
Ljubljana’s central market


Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14 January 2017



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  1. Manja Mexi Movie says

    Hehe, lovely. Not that you missed your skiing (I hope it’s only a temporary delay), but that I can show these to amore and hear a stone roll off his heart (we say this to express relief – you too?) to be back in (relatively) warmer Italy and miss all this. No matter how there is a snow scare for tomorrow for Rome. And I see you found the Rebel (Reber) Street. 🙂

    1. Bob R says

      I almost rented an old house on Reber, until I was told there no internet. And no plan for a connection for a long time. Yes, it’s still apparently possible to be that isolated in the center of LJ. 🙂

  2. nomad, interrupted says

    I’m not a skier, so I think I’d enjoy your walk through Ljubljana more than your tales of skiing! It looks like a charming city. 🙂

    1. Bob R says

      It was a pleasant stroll. For the first time in months, almost exclusively locals out and about.

  3. Oloriel says

    Thanks for the gorgeous tour!

    1. Bob R says

      Glad you enjoyed — it was a nice late morning.

  4. paula graham says

    Something so wonderful about nice clear snow…you did a great tour.

  5. restlessjo says

    Oh so beautiful, but just a little fresh for me 🙂 🙂

  6. Fernanda says

    Such a pretty place, thank you for sharing!

  7. 2e0mca says

    Much better than the ‘snow’ we got in London… I’m jealous! Nice set of shots 🙂

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