Gdansk Street Art – A Mini-Mini Gallery

I’m sure that the northern Polish city of Gdansk, the country’s sixth largest, has a street art scene of some sort. Oddly though, I crossed paths with precious little over the course of the few days I spent there last summer. Dramatically less than in similarly sized central and northern European cities.

Those are of course just cursory observations. My focus was elsewhere so I didn’t actively seek any out. In and around the immediate main city, or Główne Miasto district, where I spent most of my time, there wasn’t much to be found besides the half dozen images given a home here. It’s probably just someplace else.

In terms of graffiti and street art in Gdansk, most of the internet –at least that which is found on the first four pages of a Google search– focuses on the concrete jungle quarter known as Zaspa.  I wasn’t there, so a few bookmarks for the next time:

Murals Gdansk Zaspa – A mural project in the city’s Zaspa quarter, an urban settlement of concrete apartments built in the early 1980s on an area previously occupied by an airport. Tours are organized by locals; you can download a map from the tour page if you prefer DIY exploring. Kamila Napora has a big gallery on her blog of photos taken in late 2015.

My mini-Mini Gallery. Seems as though I stumbled upon an ode to horror flicks from the 1980s. Enjoy.

gdansk-street-art-1 gdansk-street-art-4 gdansk-street-art-3

Freddy Krueger in Gdansk, Poland





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