Austria’s Nassfeld Ski Area – Notebook and Image Gallery

I finally made it to the Nassfeld Ski Area yesterday, a sprawling alpine wonderland considered one of Austria’s ten best ski resorts. I can’t speak directly to that, but have no reason to doubt that assessment. It was bar none the best place I’ve ever skied.

As I’ve mentioned before, my primary skiing missions these days involve positioning myself in the most beautiful surroundings possible, winter landscapes that are difficult to experience otherwise. Enjoying it on skis is an added bonus. Nassfeld’s almost impossible beauty manages all that, while providing a fabulous skiing experience as well.

Named after a pass in the Carnic (Karnische) Alps that connects Italy and Austria (see map below), it’s located just north of the border up from the village of Tropolach, where the base station of the ski area’s Millennium Express gondola is located; at 6km the Millennium Express is Austria’s longest, and the second longest in the Alps.

The setting is stunning, dominated by Rosskofel/Monte Cavallo (2,240m/7,349ft) to the south, Gartnerkofel (2,195m/7,201ft) to the east and Trogkofel (2,280m/7,480ft) to the west. The views are sensational in all directions within the ski area, with several additional outward panoramas and vistas to be enjoyed, especially towards the south from Troghöhe and to the east and southeast from a lift station midway up Gartnerkofel. Plenty of photos below. I can’t wait to return to take more.

Nassfeld Ski Area: the Nitty and the Gritty

  • 30 lifts: five gondola cable cars, five six-seat chairlifts, four four-seat chairlifts, 10 T-lifts
  • 110km of trails: 11km difficult (black), 69 intermediate (red) and 30km easy (blue)
  • Hours: Lifts run daily from 9:00am – 4:15pm; the Millennium Express (valley floor to near highest peak) from 8:30am to 4:45pm
  • Rates: High season (25 Dec thru 25 Mar) day pass €46/adults, €37 youth/seniors, €23 children. Half day and other options available. All rates here.
  • Website:
  • Rooms and accommodation in Tröpolach and Hermagor (via

And to get your bearings:


Below is the rest of this 21-image gallery, presented in the order they were taken. I missed the best light of the day, some pretty decent golden hour hues which began to appear about 90 minutes before sunset. It was getting too cold for my camera, which refused to take any more pictures. At least now I know where its temperature threshold sits.


Nassfeld 01

Above view to the west/southwest from the central Kofelplatz gondola station (1,919m/6,295ft); below a view of Trogkofel (2,280m/7,480ft) to the west from Kofelplatz.

Nassfeld 02


View north from Kofelplatz.
Nassfeld 03


Facing west from a trail just below the Rudnigsattel gondola station, another gondola rising behind Schnittlauchkofel (2,004m/6,574m).
Nassfeld 04


To the right in the next two images is Gartnerkofel (2,195m/7,201ft), a dramatic peak that rises to the east of the ski area, one that often figures prominently in most of Nassfeld’s marketing materials. In the third below the mountain is on the left.

Nassfeld 05

Nassfeld 06

Nassfeld 07


Same view as above, framed a bit closer.

Nassfeld 08


Trogtal behind a gondola bound for the Troghöhe saddle (info below).

Nassfeld 09


Nassfeld 10

From the Carnia run at the ski area’s northwestern edge. Above a view due north and below facing south.

Nassfeld 11


The next three were taken from Troghöhe (2,020m/ 6,627ft), a saddle at the top of its eponymous cable car station. The first two face west/southwest, with roughly speaking the left half situated in Italy and right half Austria. The third is a wall of Trogkofel (2,280m/ 7,480ft) which dominates the ski area to the west.

Protip: If you’ll be walking around in your ski boots like I did, don’t get too close to the edge (like I nearly did.)

Nassfeld 12

Nassfeld 13

Nassfeld 14


Here’s a panoramic shot of this area; if the scroll won’t work for you here, it will if you click through to the image on Facebook.


The next three, a few more shots of Gartnerkofel.

Nassfeld 15

Nassfeld 16

Nassfeld 17


Taken from roughly midway down the Carnia trail, at 7.6km (4.8mi) the area’s longest. This may be Kammleitn (1,955m/6,414ft), but I’m not sure. As always, confirmation and insight is most welcome.

Nassfeld 18


And one final shot of Gartnerkofel later in the day.

Nassfeld 19


The final two shots before my camera locked up: from the lift station that drops you off below the peak of Gartnerkofel, facing east/ southeast.

Nassfeld 20

Nassfeld 21


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  1. You are absolutely right: there is nothing like getting up into the Alps, breathing the clean air, seeing the peaks in 360 degrees…a life memory enjoyed even more by the experience of skiing for your landscapes! Scenery like that is hard to comprehend without doing it first hand, but it was an excellent endeavor before your equipment froze :D. SUPER post. Belated greetings for a happy new year.

    1. Glad you enjoyed. I love spending time in the mountains but my knees aren’t to keen on cooperating with hiking trips. Thankfully, I can still manage skiing. For now. 🙂

  2. So many beautiful pictures! Wow, you’ve found yourself a nice little place to ski these days! I knew I’d be skiing viacrously through you this year and truly enjoyed the view! I’m mesmerized by snow-capped mountains and the ski slopes…

    Reminds me of last January in Val Thorens, France’s highest ski resort (my last skiing week-end while I was in France)…

    1. Wow, beautiful spot, thanks. Never been on a ski trip to the French Alps, will have to plan it soon while my knees still allow me the pleasure. 🙂

  3. Nassfeld certainly is stunning. But talking of Austrian ski resorts, you really should try and see Ski Amadé – located in the north of Styria and in Salzburg. 760 km of pists all together, accesible with one ski pass. If you are a keen skier, best to try out Obertauern – it features Gamsleiten II, one of the most challenging places to ski in Europe. And all of it is surrounded by magnificient alps – the Tauern region. I love it – even though I am a bit bias, because the southern slopes of these mountains are where I was born, ages ago….

    1. Thanks – it’s a spectacular region, parts of which I’m mostly familiar with through train windows. You have good grounds for being biased. 🙂

      I’ve twice had terrible luck trying to ski there. On two different trips through the area I booked places to stay in both Kitzbuhel and Obertauern and both times the resorts were closed due to blizzards. I’m hoping to find/make time for the latter this season. Nassfeld is just a two hour drive from Ljubljana so it works great for me as a day trip.

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