Tune du Jour: Last Night on Earth by U2

I’m not the only feeling this way, am I?


From U2’s 1997 release Pop, which I thought was somewhat under-rated. Along with 70,000 others, I saw the Popmart tour stop in Vienna that August, the summer’s highlight.

In 2009 they played at Barack Obama’s first Inauguration party; they won’t be at Donald Trump’s tomorrow. Not that the Irish rockers were invited. But many who were invited declined, adding to the list of Trump transition embarrassments.

Interested in who’ll be providing the dance music? Vox has a good running and regularly updated list. You won’t find too many A-listers.

Back to the song: here’s a nice 30-second bit of video that didn’t make it into the final cut featuring William S Burroughs who appears at the end. It was filmed just a few weeks before the iconic writer passed away at 83.





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