Footbridge, Ljubljana Moors

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  1. paula graham says

    Stunning location indeed.

  2. internationalpajamas says

    That’s it—we’re going to Slovenia! I have been admiring your photos of your country and have wanted to visit for a while, so my husband and I are going in July.
    Question for you: Do buses travel from Ljubljana to Piran (and vice versa), often? Initial research suggests that they do not. I’d really like to stay in Piran for two days (and Lake Bohinj, and Ljubljana itself, AND the mountains, before concluding in Vienna, where we’ll be flying out), but we’re not renting a car. Could you tell me if Ljubljana to Piran is doable without one?
    Thank you for bringing Piran, and Slovenia, to life via your photos and words.

    1. Bob R says

      Great to hear, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit.

      You won’t need a car to visit Piran from Ljubljana. Piran by bus — there are several connections daily, ride time varies from two to three hours.

      The Ljubljana bus station website is here:
      Use the ‘LJUBLJANA AVTOBUSNA POSTAJA’ entry from the drop down menu for departure and ‘Piran’ (not ‘Piran Tartinijev trg’) for destination.

      Another alternative is to take a train from Ljubljana to Koper, then a local/regional bus to Piran. That’s not as convenient if you have lots of bags to transfer or carry. SLO Rail site is here:

      Feel free to get in touch with any questions, always happy to help when I can.

  3. internationalpajamas says

    Thank you very much! That information gives me a much clearer idea of how to plan our trip, and your photos are our tailgate party in the meantime. Take care and enjoy your continued travels.

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