Hlava – Daniel Talavera’s Head

When I went out for a walk to kill an hour in transit in the small crossroads town of Breclav, Czech Republic, I didn’t expect to find much. And for the most part those expectations were met. Until I found this big head.

It sits patiently at the edge of a small park near the intersections of Jungannova, Husova and Sady 28. Rijna Streets, about a five minute stroll from the train station, and belongs to Czech sculptor Daniel Talavera. I can’t find much about him or the work, only that it was created for the public art symposium Lux et Lapis, or Light and Stone, hosted by this south central Czech town in 2008. Any and all insights about Talavera are welcome, encouraged and appreciated.

In 2017 it’s difficult to come across artists and other creatives without much of a digital footprint, but they do exist. I know a few personally –who happen to be very successful– who’ve managed, and even insist, to get by without websites, blogs or a social media presence of any kind. It’s admirable. They probably don’t want to lose their head.


Hlava by Daniel Talavera Breclav Head by Daniel Talavera, Breclav

For the head-hunters, location and bit more context via Google maps.



For the record: the lead photo which serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,147th (!) straight, was snapped on 23 June 2014, in Breclav, Czech Republic.



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