New Snow – Between the Villages of Hof and Lerch, Austria

A quick series of shots snapped during a brief snowy stroll along a road taken high above Austria’s Tyrol Defereggen Valley, between the villages of Hof and Lerch, population about 30 and 40 respectively.


Hof Austria snow 01
Hof Church.The present building dates back to 1800; a chapel has been on the site since 1662.


Hof Austria snow 02


Hof Austria snow 03


Hof Austria snow 04


Hof Austria snow 05


Hof Austria snow 06


Hof Austria snow 07
Welcome to Lerch.


Hof Austria snow 08


Hof Austria snow 09


Hof Austria snow 10


Hof Austria snow 11


Hof Austria snow 12


Hof Austria snow 13


Hof Austria snow 14



All photos taken with a Samsung S4
28 February 2017



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  1. sustainabilitea says

    I especially like that last one, Bob. This looks like the sort of small, picturesque place my s-i-l and I like to find while driving the back roads of France.


    1. Bob R says

      It’s a very nice and narrow dead end road that passes through two villages. We rented an apartment in one of the villages last week for a brief skiing getaway. If it wasn’t for that, there would be little reason to be there. Beautiful ‘discovery’.

  2. paula graham says

    Pictures of alpine snow, cold , dismal times , waiting for spring which WILL arrive.

  3. margaret21 says

    A great, atmospheric walk.

  4. Madame Zenista says

    Great pictures- and so varied…

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