A Dozen Snaps From Hof and Lerch, Austria

For those of you who’ve gotten in touch in recent days asking about my accommodation near the Grossglockner Kals-Matrei Ski Area, here’s a bit more about Hof, a village high above the Defereggen (Defereggental) Valley in Austria’s east Tyrol. In fact, this might be one of the biggest, if not the largest, photo gallery of the village, population 30 (or so), on the internets.

Like the snow stroll mini-essay I posted last week, most of these were taken in and around Hof (1,459m/ 4786ft) and it’s slightly larger neighbor Lerch (1,499m/ 4917ft), that both hug the northern ridges above the valley. Conditions weren’t the most conducive for photography, but you’ll get the idea. Especially with these shots of freshly fallen morning snow taken from our balcony.

Hof Austria snowy morning 2


Hof Austria snowy morning 3


Hof Austria snowy morning


The villages are popular starting points for hikes to the mountains behind them, which sit in Hohe Tauern National Park which is, at 1,834 square kilometres (708 sq mi), the largest of Austria’s seven national parks and the largest nature reserve in the Alps.

The most immediate mountain range is the Lasörling Group, whose name, according to its Wiki entry, stems at least in part from Slovenian; as late as 1670 it was written as ‘Lasernik’, using a common Slovenian suffix. The mountains rise behind the villages marking the high boundaries between the Defereggental, Schwarzach River valley to the south and the Virgental or Isel River Valley, to the north.

Lasörling, the mountain that gives the group its name, sits near its center, touching the sky at 3,098m. Hof and Lerch, on the eastern end of the Lasörling Group, lie under the shadow of Grosser Zunig, whose peak jabs the clouds at 2,776m.

We stayed at the Stopp Apartments in Hof, a pleasant 20 minute drive to Grossglockner Kals-Matrei. The best site and description is here. Check it out.

Eight more images below. These shots were taken on 26, 27 and 28 February and 1 March 2017. I’ll update this mini-gallery the next time I pass through, hopefully sometime next summer. To make sure this gallery remains the largest Hof and Lerch, Austria gallery on web.

Hof, Austria 3
Hof, Austria, population 30 Or so. Facing east.
Firewood, Lerch, Austria 2
Wood pile I, Lerch, Austria, February 2017.
Firewood, Lerch, Austria 3
Wood pile II, Lerch, Austria.
Firewood, Lerch, Austria
Wood pile III, Lerch, Austria
Defereggen, or Defereggental Valley 2
Defereggental Valley

Hof, Austria

Hof, Austria 2
On Hof’s eastern edge.
Memorial, Lerch, Austria
Roadside memorial, Lerch, Austria


To get your bearings:






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