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Ljubljana Nightscape

A Ljubljana sunset, but not tonight's.

Early evening, facing west

A Ljubljana sunset, but not tonight’s. This was taken five years ago with my Sony Handycam which I dusted off this evening, hoping to encourage it to come out of retirement for my trip to Uganda later this week. Let’s hope that works out.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,171st straight, was snapped on 8 April 2012. For a straight from the camera shot with no post-processing, the colors are quite good. A little more dusting off is in order.




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  1. judyrutrider says

    I can’t wait for the Uganda posts. You and Paul Theroux keep me glued to my chair.

  2. paula graham says

    Sunsets are wondrous..hope your camera comes up pun!


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