Laguna Nimez Reserve, El Calafate – The Best 90-Minute Birding Experience in Patagonia

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  1. Your photos are superb! Plus, this place is gorgeous. I have never heard about it before. Not sure how popular it is among visitors to the area. Anyway, Patagonian landscapes are so stunning and varied that you can find your little piece of paradise with not a lot of effort. #TPThursday

  2. Your bird shots are gorgeous. I used to live close to a river that saw a lot of herons and I loved photographing them. I’m heading back to Nova Scotia later this year, and I want to start photographing birds again. Thanks for linking up this week.

    1. Thanks Nancie — shooting birds –with a camera, that is– is among the most relaxing past times. Once you learn and accept the patience that is required. 🙂

  3. It looks like you found raptor heaven. What an incredible photo of the two birds of prey mixing it up in mid-air. All this in under 100 acres of reserve? I’m planning Argentina for later in the year and Patagonia towards the warmer months. This reserve is going on my list.

    1. It is a great area and was fairly quiet when I was there, later in the day. If you’ll be visiting Perito Moreno, there’s no reason not to walk over this part of town.

  4. How amazing that this bird watching spot is only 1km from the town centre. Awesome bird photos and I just love those mountains. The Ibis is way different to those we have in Australia. Thanks for joining the Travel Photo Thursday link up. By the way we did go to Piran in 2015 and adored it. We got a last minute booking at the Vila Piranesi which was good. We normally stay Airbnb but because we were booking last minute we couldn’t this time.

    1. Thanks, Jan. — Yes, I’ve seen a few of your Slovenia posts. Delighted you had the opportunity to experience to town that lent it’s name to this site. 🙂

  5. Hello! Wow! I would love to go birding in Argentina. Awesome post and gorgeous birds and photos. I am sorry to be so late visiting your post and commenting. I appreciate you linking up your post. Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day!

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