For World Poetry Day 2017

Your daily dose of Waits reading Bukowski.

For World Poetry Day, Bogota

Admit it. You didn’t know it was World Poetry Day today either until just now.

I decided that this image, snapped in Bogota, Colombia, the year before last, includes three poets. I’ll let you decide which ones are. In the meantime, listen to Tom Waits read Charles Bukowski’s ‘The Laughing Heart’.




Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,174th (!) straight, was snapped in Bogota, Colombia, on 3 August 2015.





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  1. margaret21 says

    I did, I did! And as it’s raining in England (of course) I offer you some Doggerel du Jour:

    The rain it raineth every day
    Upon the Just and Unjust fellah
    But more upon the Just because
    The Unjust hath the Just’s umbrella

    1. Carol A. Hand says

      A wonderful, playful poem, Margaret, creative and true. 🙂

  2. margaret21 says

    But Tom Waits’ offering is better. Thank you.


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