Katunguru Women Initiative Group, Uganda

Headquarters for the Katunguru Women Initiative Group, and two future members.

Katunguru is a small town that lies within the boundaries of Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda, near the Kazinga Channel that connects Lake Edward and Lake George.

If anyone crossing paths with this post knows anything about the Katunguru Women Initiative Group, please let me know in the comments or drop me a line.

I returned home this morning after spending the past nine days in the east African nation, not nearly long enough to discover all I was hoping to, but long enough to get a small but delicious taste that planted the seed for a return visit.

In the meantime, I’ve got about half a dozen longer Uganda-related posts in the works which I hope to wrap up in the next two weeks or so.

And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,185th straight, was snapped in Katunguru, Uganda, on 30 March 2017.




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