Karst Teran Vineyards, Slovenia

Here are a few shots from an Easter afternoon hike near the village of Kazlje –which is near the larger village of Storje– in Slovenia’s western Kras (or Karst), region. The dandelions claiming ownership of the fields, albeit temporarily, was a sublime sight to behold. So was the imposing gray before the storm.

Kras is home to one of Slovenia’s chief wine regions, known primarily for Kraški teran, the deep ruby red wine made from the refošk grape that does particularly well in the area’s terra rossa, or red earth. Refošk is a fairly typical red in the primorje, or seaside area of western Slovenia, but only wines made of refošk in Kras can be called Teran. Use of the name has long been a bone of contention between Slovenian and Croatian authorities and winemakers, especially those on the Croatian side of the Istrian border who produce the same wine in their local terra rossa. Slovenia meanwhile has long claimed exclusive use of the Teran name. To confuse matters even more, refošk is not the Italian varietal Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso; there it’s simply known as Terrano.

I’m a firm believer that wine knows no political borders. It’s bigger than that. 🙂

In any case, if you celebrated the holiday, I hope it found you in good spirits and good company and good wine. Likewise of course, for those who simply managed to celebrate the day.


Dandelions in vineyards, Kras Slovenia

Dandelions and vineyards, Kras Slovenia Dandelions and vineyards, Kras, Slovenia

Vineyards, Kras Slovenia


And for the Geo-curious, a map to help you get your bearings.



For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,200th (!!) straight, was snapped in Kazlje, Slovenia, on 16 April 2017.



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