Doha West Bay Cityscapes

I’ve been taking photos of Doha’s rapid growth since my first visit to the Qatari capital in March 2010. That habit continued last week during my 11th visit to the richest country, per capita, on the planet.

The changes continue, but seem to have stalled, at least when compared to what I’ve seen in the past. There were still plenty of cranes dotting the landscape in Doha’s futuristic West Bay district, but they weren’t moving –as much.

I still have a hard time finding West Bay’s heart; it’s even more difficult to find its soul. I should probably just give up.

In any case, to add to my (almost) annual collection, below are 17 images all snapped through windows on the 20th floor of the Marriott Marquis which rests in the middle of the West Bay. Most illustrate construction in its many phases.

As a visual point of comparison, check out my first post from Doha published in May 2010, and this video below, pieced together from a visit a year later.


And if you’re still Doha-curious, check out this quick tour the sprawling market that is the Souq Waqif, a tour of the studios of Al Jazeera and for the profoundly-Doha-curious among you, my very own guide for visitors oh-so-humbly entitled, ‘Layover in Doha? Here’s the Only ‘Top Five Things To Do List’ You’ll Ever Need. <– That’s the truth, by the way.





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  1. ostendnomadography says

    Fantastic cityscapes

  2. Brad Nixon says

    I assume the haze in some long shots is dust blowing in from the desert. Do you ever find yourself wishing a gosh-darned CLOUD would appear just to provide some relief from that crushing blue sky there?

    1. Bob R says

      And yes, I actually have seen clouds in Qatar. Not very often, but they do make the occasional appearance. 🙂

  3. paula graham says

    One big concrete city full of riches! An amazing and fascinating area.

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