Botero’s Mujer con fruta in Botero Plaza, Medellin
Botero’s Mujer con fruta in Botero Plaza, Medellin

Botero’s Mujer con Fruta

This is Mujer con Fruta by Fernando Botero which rests comfortably in the Colombian artist’s eponymous square in Medellin.

It’s one of my favorite public gathering places on the planet, largely because of the 23 Botero sculptures that are spread out across the plaza. They fit the scene so well, that they’re as much a part of the landscape and daily life of the square as the buildings and its countless vendors.

ICYMI, here’s a post from a few years back which includes 59 photos, both of the sculptures and the people for whom the square forms an important part of every day. From the post:

What struck me most about the area is how welcoming the space actually is, one where seemingly everyone feels at home. Young mothers, drunks, beggars, cigarette and lime juice vendors freely intermingle with musicians, tourists, artists and bankers. Being surrounded by nearly two dozen stunning larger-than-life examples of human sensuality has a certain calming effect. Here it’s very palpable. Infectious.



For the record: Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,247th straight, was snapped on 3 June 2013, four years ago today, in Medellin, Colombia.




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