Hamerkop, Western Uganda

This is a Hamerkop, or Scopus umbretta, snapped from fairly close at Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda last March. In Africa, it’s one of a kind, never mistaken for another.

According to my edition of Birds of Uganda, it’s associated with magic and bad omens in some societies, and as the ‘King of birds’ in others. It’s also hospitable. Its nests are among the largest in the bird kingdom, and they happily share their shelter with others.

I’m gradually sorting through hundreds of bird shots from that trip; I’ll add more hamerkops here when I come across them.



Queen Elizabeth National Park, western Uganda, 23-Mar-2017.




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  1. paula graham says

    This bird has a truly amazing appearance due to his coiffure.

  2. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says

    What an amazing and unique bird! Great images!

    I figured out part of the prev/next.. it applies to the six thumbnails for ‘You Might Like’ – but not the current post… lo siento!

    1. Bob R says

      It was a beauty. Hoping to find the time to sort through a small pile of other bird images from that trip. Can’t believe nearly four months have passed.

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