Ever Had a Trdelnik?

And if so, have you ever seen one made?

As you’ll see, it’s a type of spit cake made from rolled dough, spun onto a cylindrical stick, rolled in sugar (and spice and other stuff that’s nice), and grilled. Rotisserie style. It’s a form that dates back to the Greeks but this one is said to originate in a Hungarian-speaking area of Transylvania, Romania, but now common in other central European countries, particularly Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Sometimes they’re served as is, straight from the spit. More often these days, like any good traditional offering going the fad instragramable route, they’re stuffed. With all sorts of ludicrous concoctions. I’m sure someone somewhere loaded it with bacon, cheddar, vanilla ice cream and strawberries just so they could tweet out a photo.

But the creative inspiration isn’t always evil. A few years ago I had a delicious version in Bratislava that was loaded with and dripping a lemon-lime sorbet.

Yup. Yum.


For the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,285th straight, was snapped in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on 28 June 2017.





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  1. paula graham says

    No I never had the pleasure!! One day perhaps.

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