Watch: CBS News on Assignment, “Climate Refugees: Kiribati”

It was good to be pointed towards this CBS News segment this morning, which I quite frankly wasn’t expecting. And that for two reasons: that the struggles of climate refugees are being covered at all by a major US network and that they’d actually send a correspondent to a place as remote as Kiribati. Maybe I’ve been out of the US for too long.

Below are two pieces. From reporter Seth Doane’s intro on the residents of the small archipelago of about 100,000:

Their “carbon footprints” are among the lowest in the world. These are not people who travel by air or drive gas-guzzling vehicles. For many, on this remote island in Kiribati, electricity is a luxury. They’re not the big carbon polluters but they’re the ones who’ll be among the first to have their lives disrupted by climate change through rising sea levels and extreme weather.

Originally aired on 21 August 2017.


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