Eight Photos From the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

More specifically, of the exhibit in one of the front windows of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, or Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, Slovenia’s central puppet theatre. At night, it borders on the invitingly creepy.

Established in 1948, it’s widely considered one of the leading puppet theatres in Europe.


Ljubljana Puppet Theatre/Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana
Krekov trg 2
1000 Ljubljana

More here (Culture.si).

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  1. C. J. Hartwell says

    Invitingly creepy… I’ll have to remember that!
    They look like the makings of a childhood nightmare. One of the better ones. 😉

    1. Bob R says

      Most of my nightmares as a kid were good ones. These days, not so much. Maybe because they’re too close to reality. 🙂

  2. paula graham says

    Creepy creatures with amazingly expressive faces. Puppets always make me feel uneasy…cause of childhood stories about puppets in Indonesia.

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