Watch ‘Global Warming and Wine: Viticulture and Climate Change’

A look at France, Spain, Argentina and Tasmania, and the challenges that wine producers in those regions are facing due to the earth’s changing climate.

From the intro:

Global warming could drastically alter the world wine map. This phenomenon pushes winegrowers to conquer new lands, moving ever further towards the poles. Temperatures are expected to rise from 3° to 5°C by 2050, accompanied by a decrease in summertime precipitation, much more frequent heat waves (over 35°C) that are fatal to grapevines, increased soil erosion and irrigation problems.

This catastrophic scenario for an entire economy is a reality. Tomorrow’s wines may no longer taste the same, with certain grands crus having completely lost their current typicity, and the reshuffling of the winemaking cards may prove a fatal blow for certain regions, including southern Europe, France and California.

This investigative documentary surveys the research carried out and the decisions made by both vineyard owners and scientists to tackle the question of global warming.

The approach here isn’t alarmist as that intro may suggest; instead it’s remarkably matter-of-fact and includes input from wine makers, researchers, scientists and sommeliers.

52min, 2016, by wocomoDOCS.


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  1. barrydjd says

    Warm temperatures and volcanic soils will make Iceland a wine paradise 😉

    1. Bob R says

      It is just a matter of time. 😉

  2. paula graham says

    Good wine…essential to our wellbeing! Worrying but indeed there will always be somewhere for grapes to florish.

  3. capejohn says

    It’s sad that too few take this seriously.

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