Telavi Satrapezo Icewine 2013

Telavi Satrapezo Icewine 2013
Kakheti, Georgia

Icewine is expensive. Consider what’s involved before those rare few drops are squeezed into the bottle: grapes have to survive the summer, fall and into the winter, fighting off pests, the elements and birds; it needs to be picked and pressed in the middle of the night at temperatures well below zero; and, since the juice is so concentrated, it takes four to five times as many grapes to make the wine.

The result is often magical, a true nectar, an explosion of sweet concentrated fruit flavors. I’ve tried many that have hit the mark, Telavi Wine Cellar’s Satrapezo, a winery in the eastern Georgian Lakheti region, among them.



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Telavi Cellar’s Satrapezo Icewine is 100% Rkatsiteli, harvested in early December at a chilly -9°C, quickly sorted by hand, pressed, then fermented for two montsh in stainless steel tanks. Next, it was kept in tanks just above freezing for another six months, filtered and bottled-aged for another six months prior to release.

Shimmering gold in appearance, dense, with layers of candied pear and honeyed raisins. Zesty orange on the lingering finish. Very, very nice.

8000 bottles (375ml) produced.


Tasted Dec 2017

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