An Important Note to Piran Café WordPress Subscribers

Dear all,

Just a quick note to let you know that Piran Café will be disconnecting from’s Jetpack plug-in, which means you’ll no longer be receiving email or reader notifications of new posts after this one.

The primary reason is that Jetpack and my theme don’t play very well together; Jetpack slows down any site it’s connected to, but has an especially difficult time with my current layout and other plug-ins I use. That not only affects page load times, it also has a critical impact on how search engines index the site. That leaves me with no choice but to pull that particular plug.

While much of the activity here lately has been under the hood and behind the scenes, there has been a lot going on. And I do hope we can remain in touch. How? Glad you asked:

I’ve met loads of interesting people and made many great friends via the WordPress connection since beginning this blogging journey in late 2006. I certainly hope those relationships can and do continue.

Be well,


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