Five Photos of Slovenian Beehives

Last Sunday 20 May was World Bee Day, celebrated globally for the first time after the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in December 2017 to mark the holiday, one first proposed by Slovenia.

From the UN Food and Agriculture (UNFAO) website:

Observing World Bee Day on 20 May each year will draw attention to the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy. It provides an opportunity for governments, organizations, civil society and concerned citizens everywhere to promote actions that will protect and enhance pollinators and their habitats, improve their abundance and diversity, and support the sustainable development of beekeeping.

You can’t go very far in this country without running into mobile hives such as this one I admired this afternoon near Iška Vas, a village about 20 kilometers south of the capital Ljubljana, just beyond a southeastern edge of the Ljubljana Moors.

They’re colorful, obviously buzzing. And photogenic, too.

Why May 20? It’s the birthday of beekeeping pioneer Anton Janša, who was born in the village of Breznica in Slovenia’s northwestern Gorenjska region. In the early 1770s he became the first imperial teacher of beekeeping in Vienna. More about Janša.


And one more, a quick piece of video of another hive from the nearby village of Tomiselj.

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