Wine Links for June 15, 2018

What I’ve been reading this week, and other links, notes, bookmarks and briefs.


Let’s get right to it..

Slovenia’s Primorska – Glass of Bubbly visits Bjana, Slovenia’s award-winning sparkling wine producers in the western Goriska Brda district.

How quickly they grow. Happy 7th birthday to The Academic Wino, a regular fixture on my reading list.

Sparkling Wine on the Go, Zagreb-style  – Or, Bubbles on Wheels via BubblyBar, Zagreb’s first wine bar on wheels. Check out their Facebook page for news, updates, appearances and schedule.


Wine Architecture. That’s the name of this Pinterest account I recently came across which as its name implies, features great images of amazing winery architecture. 

Faults, faults and more faults. Putting Wine Faults into Perspective. Oliver Styles for Wine-Searcher.

Northern Italy – A nice write-up on Veneto and  Friuli Venezia Giulia as seen through fresh eyes. Behind every successful Wine is Terroir via The Indian Wine Academy.

The re-emergence of clay. I’m seeing it more and more in central and eastern Europe. How Producers are Returning to Winemaking’s Roots – Wine Enthusiast. Speaking of which..

GeorgiaHow Georgia’s Winemakers Went Underground to Survive Soviet Occupation from Atlas Obscura.

Why Old Vines Really Matter. Wine Spectator’s Matt Kramer says they’re genetic repositories.

Oak? No thanks, concrete please. Why Aging Wine in Neutral Vessels is on the Rise in Argentina and Chile from Wine Enthusiast. It’s a shifting trend here, too.

The evolving tastes of UK wine consumers – Where are they turning? To these parts. Via The Guardian: British consumers develop taste for east European wines.


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