Vendor Taking a Break, Teustepe, Nicaragua

A young vendor takes a break for a couple innings during a baseball game in the municipal stadium in Teustepe, Nicaragua, about an hour-and-a-half east of the capital Managua. Today, locals, at least some, will be celebrating the 38th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution in the Central American nation which toppled the brutal US-backed Somoza… Continue reading Vendor Taking a Break, Teustepe, Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Canal Dreams

Lake Nicaragua from Ometepe Island, February 1994

This dreamy view was taken from a coffee cooperative located just below the midway point up the Maderas volcano on Ometepe Island on Lake Cocibolca, or Lake Nicaragua, taken in February 1994. My apologies for the lousy scan. But it’s here for a good reason beyond the pleasant memories it helps to recall. I’m using… Continue reading Nicaragua’s Canal Dreams

Emergency Room, Community Clinic, Teustepe, Nicaragua (1990)

Clinic emergency room, Teustepe, Nicaragua, Feb 1990

I’ve been sick for the past few days so decided to dig deep into the ‘Illness on the Road’ files for today’s Pic Du Jour. This is the Emergency room in the community clinic in Teustepe, Nicaragua, in February 1990. A little more than two years after taking this, I was laying on that hard… Continue reading Emergency Room, Community Clinic, Teustepe, Nicaragua (1990)

Primary school, Teustepe, Nicaragua

This shot was taken 20 years ago today. Apologies for the rough scan and the pushpin holes. The print has taken a beating over the years. The café’s been shuttered for the winter. We’ll reopen when the sun re-emerges here in Ljubljana, which should hopefully be sometime in April. Teustepe 08, originally uploaded by pirano.