Doha West Bay Cityscapes

I’ve been taking photos of Doha’s rapid growth since my first visit to the Qatari capital in March 2010. That habit continued last week during my 11th visit to the richest country, per capita, on the planet. The changes continue, but seem to have stalled, at least when compared to what I’ve seen in the… Continue reading Doha West Bay Cityscapes

Drying Rice, Northern Vietnam

Drying rice, northern Vietnam

This shot of a woman tending to part of her annual rice crop was taken in the village of Puco, a settlement of about 30 families near the border between Phu Tho and Yen Bai provinces in north-central Vietnam. Taken six years ago today, it remind me of many things: her modest home, her hospitality,… Continue reading Drying Rice, Northern Vietnam

A Camel at Sunrise

Camel for rent, near Khor Al Adaid inland sea, southern Qatar

No, this isn’t about my longing for my former days as a smoker.

Young Monk, Hanoi’s Temple of Literature

Seeing an image today of Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain eating like –and with– locals in a small place in Hanoi reminded me of this one-man welcome committee at the Temple of Literature in the Vietnamese capital, a sprawling facility that hosts the Imperial Academy, the country’s first university. Built in 1070, it’s one of… Continue reading Young Monk, Hanoi’s Temple of Literature

Doha Sunset

Sunset over Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque, Doha, Qatar

It’s never too busy to take a few moment to enjoy the sunset.