Turtles at Market, Nanning

Turtles at market, Nanning, China

Turtles for sale at a market on the fringes of Nanning, China, a sprawling city of seven million many of you have never heard of. So it goes with many mid-sized Chinese cities.

Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden, Nanning

Worker at the Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden, Nanning, China

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 193rd (!) straight, provides a brief throwback to a late 2010 visit to the Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden in Nanning, China, quite likely one of the biggest cities you’ve never heard of*. The city of 6.6 million is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China… Continue reading Ba Gui Agricultural Research Garden, Nanning

Piran Café in 2010

That’s a boiled dog prepped and ready for sale in a small market in Nanning, China. Apparently, it offended western sensibilities enough to make a related post the most visited on this blog in 2010. Team WordPress sent out a Your 2010 year in blogging report on New Year’s Day, complete with a Blog-Health-o-Meter attached.… Continue reading Piran Café in 2010

Nanning to Hanoi by Bus

That’s the first public toilet you’ll see when crossing into Vietnam from China via the Friendship pass. But fear not, there’s another, a newer one,  just a few hundred meters away. This summary I posted back in March 2007, about bus service then between Mombasa and Nairobi, has become of the most visited posts here,… Continue reading Nanning to Hanoi by Bus

Twenty Minutes in a Pair of Nanning Markets

These are a few shots from quick stops at two street markets in Nanning last Thursday. Our tour guides/chaperones/handlers, assigned to us by the foreign ministry’s provincial office, didn’t want to stop here, but we were fairly insistent, so they gave in. The pic at the top shows a freshly-boiled dog. So is the one… Continue reading Twenty Minutes in a Pair of Nanning Markets

The Great Firewall

Off to Shanghai tomorrow for the next week. It’s not a wordpress-friendly place, so this, shot during the Beijing Olympics, will have to do as a place-setter for now. Beijing 003, originally uploaded by pirano.