25 Minutes in Vodnjan, Croatia

National Square (Narodni Trg), Vodnjan, Croatia

“I like returning,” a local said, “but I can’t stay more than four days. After that the negative energy really bares down on me. It’s not good.” A brief report.

Revisiting Ostrava’s Concession Stands

I mentioned a previous visit to the Mestsky Stadium’s concession stands in Ostrava, Czech Republic just a few days ago. I spent much of the day there again today covering the Zlatá tretra / Golden Spike track meet, which featured one of the last 100 meters races by the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, who… Continue reading Revisiting Ostrava’s Concession Stands

Storm Clouds, Groznjan

Storm clouds circling the Istrian hilltop town of Groznjan in northwestern Croatia. They circled right on by, too.   ~~ Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 1,264th (!) straight, was snapped on 20 June 2016, one year ago today.   Share!  

In Transit, Breclav, Czech Republic

Liquor stand, Breclav

You met Daniel Talavera’s Hlava; this is a bit more from that head’s home, Breclav, a sleepy town in the Czech Republic’s south central Moravia region neatly wedged in a V-shaped chunk of land between the borders of Austria and Slovakia. That it sits just there isn’t an accident; the city grew and prospered into… Continue reading In Transit, Breclav, Czech Republic